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              來源:http://www.niersenshuitaoshilixinji.com 發布時間:2021-09-03

              Gas fired boiler and direct fired gas turbine are two kinds of household heating devices widely used. Through the traditional gas supply, they can meet the operation of boiler equipment and be used.
              The traditional gas supply is mainly carried out around the cooking gas of urban residents, and the gas boiler and direct combustion engine are significantly different from the stove in terms of pressure, flow and reliability. The type selection and design of gas pressure regulator plays an important role in gas supply.
              Composition and characteristics of gas supply system for gas-fired boiler and direct fired turbine:
              燃氣供應系統組成目前,市場上燃氣鍋爐、直燃機一般采用較為精 密的進口燃燒機提供熱源,燃氣供應系統由兩部分組成。一部分屬于燃燒器自帶的附屬設備,它由兩個主電磁閥(其中后一個帶有穩壓裝置)、一個流量調節閥、兩個點火電磁閥、點火調節器、球閥、節流孔板、防回火裝置、整流板及穩焰板等組成;另一部分屬于燃氣供應企業提供的設備,由燃氣調壓器、過濾器、手動閥門、超壓切斷閥、放散閥、壓力表等組成。
              Composition of gas supply system at present, gas boilers and direct fired engines in the market generally use more sophisticated imported combustion engines to provide heat source. The gas supply system consists of two parts. One part belongs to the auxiliary equipment of the burner, which is composed of two main solenoid valves (the latter with voltage stabilizing device), one flow regulating valve, two ignition solenoid valves, ignition regulator, ball valve, orifice plate, anti backfire device, rectifier plate and flame stabilizing plate; The other part belongs to the equipment provided by gas supply enterprises, which is composed of gas pressure regulator, filter, manual valve, overpressure shut-off valve, blow off valve, pressure gauge, etc.
              In recent years, the rapid growth in the number of gas-fired boilers and gas-fired direct fired engines has greatly expanded and enriched the concept of traditional gas application. At the same time, due to the characteristics of such gas equipment, it also puts forward new challenges to the way of gas supply in the past.

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