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              來源:http://www.niersenshuitaoshilixinji.com 發布時間:2021-10-13

              In order to ensure the normal operation and operation safety of gas-fired boiler, we must correctly use fuel oil, heater, filter, fuel nozzle and other relevant accessories to avoid flameout of gas-fired boiler.
              The fuel added to the gas-fired boiler requires regular dehydration. The dehydrated and recovered fuel oil shall be purified before being sent to the oil cylinder. At the same time, the upper and lower limits of oil level and oil temperature must be clear to ensure normal fuel supply. In addition, the sediment at the bottom of the steel bottom shall be cleaned regularly to avoid blockage.
              Strengthen the use and management of fuel oil for gas-fired boilers and master the types of fuel oil. If the oil products are different, the mixing test is required. If precipitation occurs, it shall be stored in cylinders to avoid blocking of gas-fired boiler due to mixing and storage agglomeration.
              The heater equipped in the gas-fired boiler shall also be inspected regularly. In case of leakage, it shall be maintained in time. When using steam and air atomizing oil nozzle, prevent the oil pressure from being lower than the steam and air pressure during pressure regulation, so as to effectively prevent the fuel from entering the fuel injection nozzle.
              In previous work experience, it is found that the fuel supply system of some gas-fired boilers is only equipped with oil return pipes at the inlet and outlet of the oil pump. Therefore, once there is water in the oil, the furnace flameout will be caused.
              Maintenance contents of each system of gas-fired boiler:
              1. Boiler body maintenance: in order to make the boiler operate economically, it is necessary to strengthen the daily use and maintenance of the boiler. This is also an important measure to prevent the reduction of thermal efficiency and avoid the deterioration of service conditions and boiler accidents.
              2. Burner maintenance: clean the burner cup and plate, ignition device, filter, oil pump, motor and impeller system, add lubricant to the damper connecting rod device, and retest the combustion condition.
              3. Controller maintenance: check and repair electrical components and control circuits, clean the dust collection in the control box, and check each control point. Seal to prevent moisture on controller components.
              4. Water supply system maintenance: overhaul the water treatment device, check whether the water quality meets the standard, clean the water treatment system, check the operation and head of the feed pump, check whether the pipeline valves are used flexibly, cut off water and power, and close the valves after each system is filled with water.

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